Lesson 1: Sharps and Flats in New Rhythms

Chapter 5


Learning a new song is always challenging at first, but we adjust with a little time. You may need to eventually memorize the song in this lesson so that you can forecast the left-hand fingerings as you play it. This way, it’ll come together more quickly. But there’s no hurry. The best things in life are the ones that take time!

There’s a perception that playing sixteenth notes means that you have to play faster. But in reality, you can play them as fast as you want to—it’s just that your larger rhythmic values will be slower.

Today you learned about enharmonic notes, music intervals, whole and half steps, and what a diatonic major scale is. You also learned what a root note is, and how to count and play sixteenth notes. By discovering accidentals, you’ve learned some new notes on your fretboard, such as the F sharp, C sharp, and G sharp. And you learned about the key signature too.

You found out that studying scales is essential to your overall development as a guitarist, and now you’re playing the G scale. Practice this scale with your metronome every day, and try to bump up the tempo gradually.

You also worked on your stretch range between your first and fourth fingers today. I know it feels awkward and difficult now, but keep at it. One day soon, it’ll be easy—and you’ll wonder why it was such a big deal.

In the next lesson, we’ll study techniques for playing two notes together, and you’ll also learn a new time signature and apply it in new music. We’ll discuss how to use guide and pivot fingers to create smooth chord transitions, and you’ll continue to build on your skills by learning a few more exercises. 

So until then, rock on—and I’ll see you in the next lesson!

Next Steps

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